Just My Thoughts

by on October 12, 2012

One of the more significant lines from the Loaded Lux battle recently was ” I’m just trying to give him the larger picture,” but it was overlooked by his infamous line, ” You gon get this work.” Nonetheless that’s exactly what I’m going to give you in this post today. As of late, my mind has been racing and I have been filled with an excess of optimism, drive and inspiration. Maybe I’m in a new space in life, one that’s truly comfortable and genuine. Once again though I feel like having to write about it, to express it, to share it with you all. 

First thing I would like to speak on would be the unmotivated nature of so many individuals today in the world. Why is that? Do they not know or understand that there is a sea of endless possibilities that can provide prosperity, wealth, knowledge, and everything that is meant to be found, if they just search for it? Maybe it’s the culture, maybe it’s their parents, maybe it’s the society that’s holding them back from realizing what exactly they can accomplish. Maybe the dream of becoming a rap superstar or a NBA player has swallowed up any other dream when you come from unprivileged communities. It’s sad because although we know what’s wrong in the world today, there is truly nothing being done. I wonder if the magnitude of this problem is just too enormous, but then I recall Civil Rights Movement. I’m sure people thought equality could never be reached, but when you’re gifted with an astonishing leader and people that actually believe in your vision, in your mission, and are willing to make sacrifices and aid in accomplishing your goals, what exactly stands in the way of success?

One of the most amazing things is the power of leadership. It’s simple as this  – leaders guide their followers. It’s easy for you to sit down and talk about a goal, or even create a goal in your head, but the tides start turning once you begin to actually work towards that goal. The moment people say how relentless and hard you’re working to achieve those goals, others begin to feel inspired also. The moment people see how much you’re starving for success, is the moment they realize that they have ran out of food, and now they’re sitting right beside you at your very own table. People rarely fathom this concept, but if you do grasp it in its entirety, put it in effect and let the world know that you’re coming for what’s yours.

*Cues Terrorist Threats by Ab-Soul & Danny Brown*