Outfit Of The Week

by on October 12, 2012

It’s time again for the outfit for the week and I’m ready to bless you folks with nice gear. The outfit was inspired by Kanye and Jay-Z’s styles and also because of my new fond love for Timbs. Although it may be similar to their infamous outfits, it doesn’t feature the usual Givenchy or high fashion pieces. I don’t believe in stealing someone’s style, I just believe in drawing inspiration from it. With that being said, I hope you enjoy the outfit.

1) Tantum x Deadline Woodland Camo Liberty Bucket Hat

Gone fishing?

By now you all should know my love for bucket hats and if you don’t then now you know. This item is simple and straight to the point although it looks like a bucket hat I already have, I still love it. Purchase here.

2) The Baby Maker Jacket by WeSC

Have a baby by me, make a jacket?

With such a name for a jacket, it implies that you’re going to look very enticing and attractive while wearing this item and I don’t disagree. The brown leather sleeves really makes the jacket stand out from the usual bomber jackets. Buy here.

3) Snow Globe T-Shirt by Moss

A very delicate t-shirt that features a combination of patterns that are assisted by the complimenting colors of red, black and green. Moss never disappoints when it comes to their t-shirts. Buy here.

4) Average Joe Straight Jean by Nudie

The indigo wash on these jeans gives it a greatly refined look that’s perfect for the fall and winter season. A perfect combination for the shoes that are featured below as well. Purchase here.

5) Wheat & Black Timberlands

The Classis, the OG’s. I’ve realized recently that you can’t go wrong with those boots right here. Not only are they are built for the winter and harsh conditions but can be very fashionable in the right hands. You know exactly where to get these babies at!