davinci NYC “Attack Of The Sharks”

by on October 13, 2012

Not long after one recent interview with Davinci(read here), he drops a picture of one of upcoming releases. The piece seen in the picture is a  14k gold plated shark chain and addition to this, bracelets of the same concept shall be released. This is the only shark that I would tolerate in my presence (just saying). In our recent interview, Davinci did reveal that he was working on some special things but he still left a lingering cloud of mystery. This preview comes unexpected but it’s surely appreciated. Surprised when I first saw it, I must applaud for this genius creation. I’ve never been a fan of chains but I might just be rocking 2 chaaaaaaaainzzzzz when this becomes available for purchase. I’m truly impressed though because it seems like he finds a way to reinvent and expand his brand with every new release. This skill will keep him relevant and draw more supporters to his brand. Once more information about this release is known, you will be the first to know. What’s your thoughts ?