Next To Blow: Victor Cruz

by on October 13, 2012

After a superbowl ring and a hell of an unforgettable season that the New York Giants wide receiver has had, he just seems destined to become a superstar. Victor Cruz has became a household name somewhat, in less than a year and although he’s already really popular, I see his stardom blossoming into something special. With all of this, he has been able to keep up in the fashion game also. I think “keep up” is actually an understatement because he has been rather dominant when it comes to fashion now. One thing for sure he has one of the best stylists in the game right now and I’m interested in knowing exactly who it is.  It seems as if he has been given the right tools to be a fashion icon as he has the Nike sponsorship, he has an extraordinary stylish, a nice bank account and he is gifted with not only the charisma but the personality to actually pull off all these outfits that he is given to wear. There hasn’t been not one time that I have seen Victor Cruz in a photo and he hasn’t been on point from head to toe. It seems so effortless and so natural and that’s why Victor Cruz is what he is today. He’s a huge sneaker head as evident from his instagram and also he has been very involved in some of the biggest trends of the year such as Givenchy and all the high fashion clothing and footwear. I congratulate him on grabbing his 15 minutes of fame and extending it. He has became one of my favorite celebrities and he will probably be one of the biggest celebrities within the next year. What are your thoughts.