The Revealing of G386

by on October 15, 2012

With the launch of Kamvkazi right around the corner(October 19th), Melanie Swaffar reveals the logo design for her brand, G386. An amazing concept, the logo holds a lot of meaning to the founder and owner of the brand. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the original name of events but there was a touching change of events that prompted for the new name. The name of the brand just happens to be the location of her Godfather’s tombstone who passed away two years ago and while she just went for a routine visit, it turned out to be one of the most inspiring and influential happenings in her life. With this new fond direction, Melanie decided to dedicate everything in the memory of her Godfather who was essentially a role model for her. Torn by his passing, she wanted him to live through the brand and it only seemed fitting as he was partially the reason for her taking this leap of faith and deciding to create her own brand and enter the fashion world. The line will be launched this upcoming friday at the Kamvkazi event and it will feature five pieces that depict the roles of a renaissance man but they are remodeled for a woman’s casual couture line. This brand is more than just about the clothes, it’s about making sure that the legacy of her Godfather forever lives on and while she will create a legend of her own for herself with it, it will also amplify his legend.