1 on 1 with Julia Lang (The Sequel)

by on October 16, 2012

Being such an intriguing and fashionable individual that Julia happens to be, I just had to conduct another interview with her again. We figured that this should probably be a once a month thing, where we collaborate on whether it’s an article or an interview. Either way we plan on developing the relationship that we have built thus far. I hope you enjoy this new interview.

1) You seem like a shopaholic, are there any notable things that you purchased lately ?

Believe it or not, I am not shopping that much lately. I am working with a lot of different lables on sponsorships and other projects which is a huge blessing. “Notable things…” probalby my Celine Trapeze Bag which I purchased earlier this year in Paris for more than 2k. Please don’t tell my parents. ;-) – Julia

Haha yea they probably wouldn’t think that was a wise decision. – LEGEND-daily

2) Are there any items that you’re waiting for to be released?

I am actually super excited about the release of the Margiela for H&M collection! Although I am not a fan of these High End x H&M collaborations BUT THIS ONE IS A WIN!! – Julia

I won’t lie, I have been keeping my eyes open on this as well. – LEGEND-daily

3) With so much style and stature, do people sometimes just throw clothes at you?

Thank you for making me that compliment. To be honest, it wasn’t like that in the beginning but it’s happening a lot lately. And I am glad because I want to introduce all those different kind of brands to my readers. High End till Urban, the mixture is the key! - Julia

Yea and who doesn’t appreciate free clothes?! – LEGEND-daily

4) If you could have an exclusive sponsorship from any brand, who would it be?

UHHHH – hard to make my decision. Probably either Mary Katrantzou or Dion Lee!! – Julia

I can dig it. – LEGEND-daily

5) Also with Christmas coming up soon, will you be doing a photoshoot themed after the holiday?

Hahah funny one. I don’t think so, I am not really a fan of these themed photoshoots! But there is always a first time, right?! - Julia

Yea maybe you should give it a try and see how it turns out. – LEGEND-daily


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