1 on 1 with Rachel et Nicole

by on October 17, 2012

So I hooked up recently with two sisters from my school for an interview. Intriguing enough I knew little about them before but what I discovered was their passion and devotion to the fashion world. We sit down to get an inside look to their lives and why fashion is what it is for them. 

1) So let’s start by you girls answering the question of who is and what is Rachel et Nicole?

Rachel et Nicole is a blog founded by two sisters, well, Rachel and Nicole! 

The blog got its start because we wanted to show our mom (who lives on the other side of the world) what we wore on a daily basis. Our mom is the fashion critique of the family, and trust us, she’s good.  Soon enough we realized that our blog has caught on, and it was not just our mom who was reading our blog. We decided to put in a little bit more effort  dressing up (since now people actually care about what we wear, haha!) and this propelled the growth of our blog. We were lucky  enough to have gotten under the radars of Teen Vogue, designers and several PR houses and this has given us many opportunities to be invited to exclusive fashion events and parties, and meet many of the industries’ great fashion influencers. Since then, our blog is not only a platform for us to showcase our personal style, but for us to share our fashion experiences with our readers, and also express our fashion point of views with our very own DIY Editorials (which we are now mainly known for). – Rachel et Nicole

It seems almost like fate. – LEGEND-daily

2) What has fueled your love for fashion?

Our mom is definitely our biggest influencer. Our mother was a fashion designer before Nicole (the younger of the two of us) was born. She was a bespoke tailor who designed for a specific set of clients. She would have fabric flown in from Paris (Chrisitan Lacroix, Chanel, etc) and create unique looks for her clients. When our mother stopped designing, she transferred her love for fashion to us. She exposed us to fashion shows and different seasonal trends since the tender age of 8. And what you see today is the evolution of our style since fashion was introduced to us. – Rachel et Nicole

Your mom seems like the most significant piece to the puzzle in all of this – LEGEND-daily

3) What do you see as being the next biggest trends? Also what trends are you hoping dies down?

Judging from the shows of NYFW SS13, we are thinking military-inspired outfits are making a comeback, and we love the! And it also seems that peplums and prints are still going to be the trend of the next few season. As much as we love peplums and prints, we kinda wish they died down too because we are ready for new trends, people! – Rachel et Nicole

Military has surely taken over; we might as well get drafted. – LEGEND-daily

4) Do you appreciate every kind of fashion? Are there some you favor or dislike?

Yes, we’d say that we appreciate every kind of fashion, because we view fashion more as an art. It is multi-serving in a sense that not only does it allow the designer to express his/her artistic opinions, but it also allows the consumers to utilize what has been created to express themselves. What we dislike about fashion, is when a person equates luxury goods to style. Just because you are wearing a Chanel handbag and a pair of Louboutins does not mean you are fashionable. One needs to know how to make fashion their own, not simply be a walking billboard for brands. And another thing that we dislike is when someone dresses outrageously and thinks its fashion. We only have one thing to say to that; “Halloween is not fashion.” – Rachel et Nicole

That quote sums it up well. – LEGEND-daily

5) If you could have a career in fashion, what would it be?

Our dream job would be to combine what Steve Jobs has done for the technology world with what Grace Coddington has done for the editorial world. Being an engineer with a passion for fashion, there is no explanation needed to why this would be THE job for us! – Rachel et Nicole

A very unorthodox combination but very lethal – LEGEND-daily.

I had a blast speaking with the sisters and we look forward to working together in the future. You will be seeing a lot more of these girls soon.