Nike Lebron X ‘Cork’

by on October 17, 2012

I’m still in total shock but the use of cork in the shoe. You know the cylindrical piece of material that stands in the way of you getting chocolate wasted with your wine, well Nike has grabbed it to be used as the base material for one of the most ground breaking sneakers of the past decade. It’s incredible to see Nike always pushing out products that are unparalleled when compared to their competition. However the craziest thing about this is that this sneaker is casual meant for casual outings and everyday life. It doesn’t seem like it would be an intelligent choice to play basketball in this sneaker because of its stiff nature but nonetheless the shoe is amazing. It may just be my favorite of the year, hands down. Nike has outdid themselves and I tip my hat to them. This edition of the Nike is the first of Nike’s new campaign that centers around the combination of high end sport sneakers that will be combined with Nike Sportswear department. Meaning that we will be seeing a lot more intriguing designs that are more importantly fashion world. What’s your take on the sneaker? Shall you be copping or passing?