1 on 1 with Riya Aris.

by on October 18, 2012

I get the pleasure to interview one of London’s true ehnthusiastics when it comes to fashion. Discovering Riya while browsing the Internet was a blessing in the sky as she’s an ideal embodiment of the people that we are always interested in featuring on ILS. Here goes the interview, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. 

1) After receiving an email from us, just what were your thoughts on being showcased and interview for the website?

At first I was in shock. My thoughts were all over the place. When it started to sink in I was absolutely thrilled. It feels so amazing to know that people enjoy reading my blog. - Riya

We thank you for supporting and working with us. – LEGEND-daily

2) What is it that attracts you to the website the most?

The visuals! I love the photography as well as the intricate website layout. I love everyone who is featured on this reel from celebrities to bloggers. It shows the eclecticism of fashion. – Riya

We pride ourselves on featuring the people who aren’t in the spotlight but are on their way. – LEGEND-daily

3) When was it that you fell in love with fashion?

I have always been in love with fashion ever since I can remember. I loved playing dress up as a little girl, and now I find myself playing dress up everyday! – Riya

Yea the passion for fashion surely starts to blossom at a young age. – LEGEND-daily

4) How would you describe the fashion world out in London?

I find fashion in London to be very daring. People here aren’t afraid to show off they’re true style even if it looks ridiculous to others. Living here has opened my eyes to the never ending styles in the fashion world. I’ve seen people wear shirts with stuffed teddy bears sewn on to them and I’ve even seen someone wear a garbage bag! It may not be something I would like to wear nevertheless I admire the confidence Londoners have. It’s such an influential environment to be around. – Riya

It’s always good when people bring to life their rendition of fashion. – LEGEND-daily

5) What place known for its fashion would you love to visit?

My dream place to visit is 5th avenue, NYC and I am going in February! I am beyond excited! – Riya

You won’t be disappointed when you do come to NYC. – LEGEND-daily.

Such a delightful time interviewing Riya as she’s such a lively and stylish individual. We look forward to continuing our collaborative efforts with her. Make sure to head over to her blog http://missriyaaris.wordpress.com