Drake’s Got that Cap & Gown Swag

by on October 18, 2012

Drake rapped back in 2009 on a Birdman track that “I ain’t never graduated, I ain’t got no cap and gown but the girls in my class who were smart enough to pass be at all my f*cking parties grabbin’ money off the ground.” The girls are probably still grabbing money off the ground at his parties, but he had to update that first part as of last night.

A big congratulations to Drake for graduating from high school yesterday, just in time for his 26th birthday. He dropped out at 15 to pursue his role on Degrassi, and was only one credit shy of graduating at the time.

I think it’s really great to see people in a very public position – looked at as a role model by many – complete a real-life goal that the average person has. If that statistic in those State Farm/LeBron James commercial is true, an alarming rate of students are dropping out every day. Hopefully Drake’s going back to school (while on tour, I might add) will inspire young people to stay in school, and others to go back and complete their education, as well.