For the Classy Man: Bandana-Print Pocket Squares

by on October 19, 2012

Back in August, we reported that bandanas were going to be a big trend for the ladies, and it looks like the fellas have adopted Tupac’s favorite accessory, too, in a very classy way. Hav-a-Hank has a colorful line of bandana-printed pocket squares that you should check out if you’ll be wearing a suit anytime soon.

I absolutely love pocket squares, even though I don’t see too many men wearing them these days. Hav-a-Hank, the brand responsible for the classic bandana, introduced a line of pocket squares in some great colors that are sure to add an edge to your suit game. I like that the bandana is so recognizable as a street piece, but that it can be easily repurposed in a more sophisticated way  – AKA as the little piece of cloth that you stick out of your suit’s breast pocket.

Hav-a-Hank Bandana Print Pocket Square, $16.50.

My favorite colors would probably be the green, indigo, burnt orange, and red.

You can pick up the Hav-a-Hank pocket square at Nordstrom for $16.50.

What do you think of these bandana print pocket squares? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section.