Video Appreciation: Trinidad Jame$ – All Gold Everything

by on October 19, 2012

Being a proud trinidadian myself, I must say that I had to support this. Initially I didn’t have a fondness for the video but after one of my dear friends(Jesse Sosa) gave me some insight on that video, I decided to give it another chance. Once I began to watch it again, I felt a feeling rising inside of me. It was one of enjoyment, of excitement. Trinidad James may not be a lyricist but he’s surely an entertainer. His style, his flare and his demeanor is what really drew me to him. Another significant thing is he is truly repping for his homeland, Trinidad and Tobago. In the video, he’s absolutely stunning in different high fashion garments while being covered in gold accessories. He surely has potential to make a stance in the rap game and become rather relevant in hip-hop. Watch the video and let me know what you think. Stay away from them mollies though! Oh cutest thing in that video was the puppy haha.