Davinci NYC Print Cushions

by on October 20, 2012

After hitting us with the first drop of the fall collection, a sneak peek of the gold shark chain, Davinci now releases some intriguing pieces that would actually spice up your room or home. This release is a total shock to me because I never expected anything of this nature but this is a lesson learned as I should never underestimate the creative mind of Davinci. The pillows come in four different designs such as snakeskin, a more nature oriented design and another design which is reminiscent of a bandana. All four pieces look spectacular as Davinci just continues to expand his brand and pump out refreshing items. Head over to the store now to grab yourself one of the pillows before they go out of stock. If you just moved into a new place I suggest you get yourself one of these as they are not only stylish and very attractive but also rather comfortable.