Who is Victor Nunez?

by on October 20, 2012

Surely someone that you need to get familiar with and with this article you will now know who he is. Coming out of the Bronx, New York, Victor is an individual who has a solid grasp on life and has been gifted with a cranium filled with knowledge. Particular experiences has provided Victor with a set of expertise which aid in his ability to understand the business world while also being able to create his very own clothing brand, Rêves and Thieves. I met Victor sometime during the summer when ILS had its training wheels taken off, and we immediately had chemistry because our mindsets were on the same page. People with ambition gravitate to each other and that’s exactly what happened. However this post isn’t to talk about our friendship, instead to place the spotlight on his clothing brand Rêves and Thieves.

With a motto of ” every thief has their day”, it’s easily to get the concept of the clothing line misconstrued but he surely isn’t promoting criminal activities. A streetwear brand that will be developing in the years to come, Rêves and Thieves features many solid and eye popping designs that are center around the logo of the thief. The Fall/Winter Collection for this year is on its way and I must say from what I have seen, it will probably become one of your favorite brands once you give it a chance. Once it’s available, we will make sure to give you an update but for now you can head over to the website and grab last season’s items.