Is the Swag Right? Christian Louboutin’s ‘Roy Calf’

by on October 21, 2012

While browsing the Christian Louboutin site, I came across these very interesting ‘Roy Calf’ dress shoes in the men’s section. What do you think of them?

Made of turquoise calf leather with red piping and a gold chain at the heel, the ‘Roy Calf‘ is an eye-catcher. With it’s contrasting color way, I think only a guy with a lot of style would be able to pull these off – maybe with a tobacco colored pant (similar to the shoe’s sole). There’s a lot going on with the Roy Calf – four layers of color (not including the chain!), but a whole lot of style.

Christian Louboutin’s ‘Roy Calf’ Shoe

I’m not sure of the price – they weren’t listed in the shopping section of CL’s site – but a similar shoe is going for $995.

Would you rock these Christian Louboutin ‘Roy Calf’s? Let me know in the comments section.