Swag Picks: Pixie Market Tees

by on October 22, 2012

Here’s a selection of some of my favorite t-shirts of the moment, available at Pixie Market.

In colder seasons, it’s always good to layer your garments so that you can be prepared for any type of weather. Don’t you want to have a cute t-shirt on underneath the piles of sweaters and jackets that you end up taking off once you get inside?! Here are a few of my favorite tees from Pixie Market, that are sure to serve you well in the un-layering process.

The Rococo Studded Top, Denim and Sweat Top, Berry Leather Top, and S’il Vous Plait Sweater from Pixie Market.

The Rococo Studded Top ($79) gives you that opulent, Givenchy feel without the designer price tag. I like how they’ve paired this with a leather bottom, that’s how I’d wear it too. The Denim and Sweat Top ($79) is nice because the heather grey part is actually made of crew neck-esque fabric, so it’ll keep you warmer than your average tee, but not feel as bulk as a full-on sweatshirt. I love this Berry Leather Top ($35) made of synthetic leather – the cuffed sleeves make it more casual, but the leather look is very chic and different. I’m in love with anything  French or French looking, so this S’il Vous Plait Sweater  ($89) is too cute to pass up.

Finally, at the top, the Chanhell Tee ($66) is a fun play on words. Although I think Chanel is closer to Chanheaven, Chanhell sounds better.

What do you think of these tees from Pixie Market? Let me know in the comments section.