1 on 1 With Lauren Monty.

by on October 23, 2012

Ever since I first got in contact with Lauren Monty, I realized just how much of a bright future this young lady has. With her feet already wet in the fashion world, Lauren has been plotting her takeover for some time. Being blessed with various skills that will elevate her in the world and surely cement her place in the fashion world in the next year or two, it was essential that I got to interview the lovely designer/stylist before it’s too late. I hope you enjoy this interview.

1) First thing I would actually like to say is that you have one of the best names that I have ever heard/read

Thanks! Monty actually is short for Montgomery. – Lauren

Oh I see, so it’s somewhat of an alias. I like it though. – LEGEND-daily

2) With your line releasing next Fall, just how are you preparing for it?

Right now materials are being finalized, and mood boards are being looked over again, and of course production will be going on very soon this year. Р Lauren

Well this is great news as it shows that it is on schedule. We at ILS can’t wait to see the pieces.

3) What exactly can we expect from it?

With this Womens-wear line you can expect lots of leather, bold colors for fall and a few prints. I love lions and tigers so be expecting a few animal like inspirations. – Lauren

Leather mixed with wildlife sounds like a legit combo – LEGEND-daily

4) How did you get to liking vintage items?

I love recycled fashion, fashion is definitely a cycle love to re-use clothing that looks great and to pair it with new clothing and accessories. – Lauren

Intriguing answer, I didn’t expect that at all. – LEGEND-daily

5) Name one celebrity that you truly appreciate for their style?

Loving Anna Del Russo’s style right now, also her collection at H&M is fierce.. good stuff! – Lauren

She’s a legend in the game for sure. – LEGEND-daily

I want to thank Lauren for taking the time out to answer these questions, and we look forward to continuing with our collaborations.