Givenchy Oversized Shark T-Shirt

by on October 24, 2012

Na, na, na, na … wait till I get money right … and I’ll buy up all this Givenchy. In such a short time, I have fell in love with Givenchy. The quality, the uniqueness, the designs have made it easy for me to adopt it as one of my personal favorites. The price might be the only thing that’s disturbing about it, but in this day and age those kind of prices aren’t anything new. I digress though as we take a look at this new print t-shirt which is oversized and gives you a jersey feel to it. The t-shirt is engulfed by a shark, no pun intended while being surrounded by other assisting graphics. Pieces of this nature only make the anticipation for their upcoming releases build exponentially. Looking to purchase you can pay Mr.Porter a visit. Let me know your thoughts on this piece though.