Swag Picks: Weekday and Their Cute Sweatshirts

by on October 24, 2012

I’m so wishing I had a cousin that lived in Amsterdam, Berlin or Sweden so that I could get my hands on these adorable sweatshirts from the European brand, Weekday.

Browsing Weekday‘s site, I’m impressed by the styles available at such reasonable prices. You should take a look when you get a chance – they have both men’s and women’s clothing – so you join me in being upset at the fact that they don’t ship to the United States (from what I can tell).

The Paris Eiffel Sweater (40 Euro) and the Formiga Sweater (35 Euro).

I love the contrast of the candy apple red “Paris” on the muted grey background, and the fact that the Formiga sweater features the same font used on the New Yorker magazine. Two very cute, very affordable sweaters that I wish I could get my hands on. Sigh.

Again, definitely take a look at some of the pieces offered at Weekday – you won’t be disappointed! Check out the inside of one of their stores:

We need more cool places like this in the States.

What do you think of Weekday and these sweatshirts? Let me know in the comments section.