Top 5 Female Celebs to Dress Up as for Halloween

by on October 28, 2012

Here are my picks for the 5 celeb ladies I think you should definitely consider dressing up as for Halloween.

1. Rihanna – Maybe be the Rihanna that was caught rolling a you-know-what on top of her bodyguard’s head at Coachella? (you’ll need a strong male friend dressed in all black for that one). The Rihanna from the “We Found Love” video? Or get a pixie cut black wig and make yourself into the Rihanna seen on her “Unapologetic” album cover? There’s clearly a lot of options when dressing up as Rihanna, but whatever look you end up deciding upon, make sure to show just the right amount of skin, talk in her cute little accent, and maybe say “where’s Chris” from time to time.

2. Iggy Azalea – High-waisted, bright leggings that show off a plump derriere, a cropped bustier top, bright lipstick with cat eyes, sky high heels and an even higher blonde ponytail = the perfect Iggy costume. Or maybe go as one of the Iggy’s in her latest video, “Bac 2 Da Future (My Time).”  Add a little bling here and there, maybe some Tupac memorabilia and a hair-whip from time to time & you’ll be good to go.

3. Rita Ora – this is a good idea for the more petite girls with curly hair, or girls that look really good in that borrowed-my-outfit-from-my-boyfriend kind of swag. Consider going blonde for the night (with big curls), add some bold red lips and winged eyeliner, a crazy, bright studded jacket or a baseball tee, some sort of denim shorts, a pair of Jordans, and top things off with a beanie. R.I.P to the competition!

4. Azealia Banks – take a nod from Miss Banks’ “Luxury” video and wear a cute black hat, black long sleeve crop top, a pair of black shorts with suspenders, and some tall black boots. Or try to recreate her gorgeousness in that Versace leather getup, seen in W Magazine. Pick up a dark-haired loose-waves wig and you’re good to go! Don’t forget a deep purple lipstick – like her own shade available at MAC – and some winged eyeliner.

5. Nicki Minaj – last but not least is the classic celebrity Halloween costume, Nicki. Like with a RihRih costume, there’s a lot you could do. Do a throwback Nicki from her “Your Love” days, a “Super Bass” or a “Beez in the Trap” Nicki, or if you’re really daring, a “Pound the Alarm” Nicki. There’s so many options but whatever Nicki end up going as, pair your look with a bright wig, her signature cotton-candy colored lips, and a neon shade of eyeliner.