Top 5 Male Celebs to Dress Up as for Halloween.

by on October 28, 2012

With Halloween around the corner & the parties that are sure to be happening all this week, I suggest that you avoid the scary costumes and try something different. It’s always fun to see people attempt to be a celebrity especially if they have some resemblance to that person already. Here’s my top 5 male celebs that I think you should consider for this Halloween. The list was dominated by The G.O.O.D. Music family but for good reason.

1) 2 Chainz – This is probably the easiest celebrity to pull off. The main ingredient needed for this to be successful is a whole lot of True Religion merchandise. Although 2 Chainz may be straying from his True Religion roots, we all know that the brand has played a major role in his identity and was even incorporated in the names of his last mixtape and album. To truly pull this off, you would probably have to cover yourself in True Religion pieces (jeans and a matching denim jacket would be ideal), a lot of gold jewelry, preferably be over 6’2 and be able to say ” truuuuuuuu” at any given moment.

2) Kanye West – For most of y’all it’s probably Halloween everyday of the year because you all have been trying to dress like Kanye West for so long now. Especially after the Air Yeezy 2’s dropped, it seemed like everyone with a pair either wore them with waxed black denim and some high street wear brand t-shirt. Not only did you guys kill the Yeezy’s but you’re now massacring Givenchy, and all other high fashion brands that are trendy nowadays. I’m sure someone will pull off old school Kanye though and do a very good job at it.

3) Big Sean – OOOHH GAAWWDDD!?!?! Big Sean has been on a tear recently, having become one of the heavy hitters on the G.O.O.D. Music roster. While blossoming on the hip-hop scene, his style has always been able to develop and change also. There are many things you can choose to wear to mimic Big Sean’s style such as MCM, YSL, Ti$A, a Detroit hat, a Don C snapback and many other items. Be sure to add “Boi” and “I do it” to conversation whenever the mood strikes you.

4) Jay-Z – This is pretty simple. Timbs + Yankee Fitted + NO SKINNY JEANS = Jay-Z. This is partially true, because for you to really be able to clone Jay-Z you need some physical resemblance as well. Why? Because Jay-Z isn’t just your average celebrity, he’s an icon, a mogul, Jay-Z is one of the greatest men to come out of NYC. If you want to be him for Halloween, you must be able to imitate his mannerisms, voice, style, laugh, everything about him because you’re paying homage to the leader of the ROC. Am I right or wrong?

5) Chief Keef¬†- how could you not want to go as one of the most talked about young rappers in the game right now? Chief Keef keeps things pretty simple – pick up a Hugo Boss polo or his signature Burberry button down (consider exposing your chest), some True Religion jeans (sagged quite low), and a big faced watch and you’ve got the basics down. Pull up to whatever party you’re going to in a ‘rarri or a Rover. His short dreads are a must, as well as the ability to say “bang bang” every two seconds.