Video Appreciation – Reese feat. Curtis Williams

by on October 28, 2012

Just like his first time being featured on ILS, we put the spotlight on his newest music video. After viewing his video for his first single, Molly I wasn’t sure if he could impress us even more but I was surely wrong. Reese drops off visuals to his new video, Again and it’s somewhat the same formula. We see Reese riding around with his friends on their way to a party where they enjoy the spoils of alcohol, and many other things including Molly. However this isn’t the main focus, the main focus is recognizing Reese’s swag. I don’t have to break it down entirely because that’s what the video is for but Reese is surely doing his thing and building his buzz in the hip-hop world. Equipped with great style, charisma and an attractive aura, Reese surely has the tools to make a splash in the hip-hop and become more known. How cool is that his friend is driving while wearing that Bumble Bee Transformer’s helmet haha. You got to respect and salute Reese’s movement. Make sure to do your research on this young man. ” Got Balenciaga’s and gold grillz, I stay turnt up on 10″.