SSUR 2012 Fall/Winter Collection Ali T-Shirt

by on October 29, 2012

SSUR drops off their Fall Collection and one of the more mesmerizing pieces is this Muhammad Ali t-shirt. The shirt features a picture of a young and tender Muhammad Ali sizing up while taking the picture. Also seen on the picture is a quote of ” Ima show you how great I am.” Ironically Muhammad did just that in the years to come. The shirt comes in three different colors (white, black and grey) and can be found all here.

Below is a bonus shirt that I just had to add to this post as it caught my eye and I’m sure it would catch everyone’s eyes. The tee’s entire front side is covered with the face of a crazed and ferocious dog. This would be the ideal tee for when you’re out and about the town and wanting a lot of attention from the public. Purchase here if interested. Make sure to check out all the other pieces that SSUR has as well.