Brand Spotlight: EDAS

by on October 30, 2012

EDAS, a jewlery brand created by 20 year old Sade Mims, a Philadelphia native; is in a lane of its own! The namesake of Edas is the designer, Sade’s name spelled backwards. Although Sade is a fashion design student , she described to Ilikeswag to always had a huge interest in jewelry. She credits her intern experience with Brooklyn designers from Dirty Librarian Chains with teaching her the ins and out on perfecting her brand. Check out the Ilikeswag’s brief interview with the EDAS creator herself.

ILS: When did you start making jewelry and what was your inspiration?

SADE: I started making jewelry like in my 12th grade year of high school. I always had a niche for jewelry and I collected  fabric, so one day I figured why not combine the both when. I get inspired by a lot of things,  from pics I see online to my former internship experience, its more just like stuff I run across.

ILS: How do you make most of your jewelry pieces?

SADE: I’m a jewelry/fabric collecter so most of my work comes from that. I break down old things and make them new. I use acrylic paint/ and spray paint for my hand painted pieces. I use old t-shirts, vintage pieces for my fabricated designs. 90% of my line is reused items, I try to reuse and consume as much as possible.

ILS: Cool, I can see that you are eco-friendly, so how would you describe your work?

SADE: My pieces are not made to be “perfect” .. As Elle Verners album title “Perfecty Imperfect” would be a description of my work. That hint of messiness is what I enjoy most. I gain inspiration from my everyday life. Things I bump into, or I often dream of ideas, ironically. Each piece of mine has no replica, I have never made anything twice or exactly the same . Giving my customers a feeling of exclusiveness. I love that! I admit it is time consuming, and may leave me with more work in the end but its therapeutic for me. So I don’t really mind.

ILS: I like that, I like having things no one else can have! Where can we find your work?

SADE: My work is online on my Big Cartel Acccount:Edas.bigcartel.com, I work with freelance stylist and  do vending  in different locations, the last time I did vending was at an event in Philadephia, at the Dreaming Building.  You can also see and hear about my work on also publicize via twitter and instagram.

ILS: Well you guys heard it first! Check out EDAS!!! Follow Sade on instagram at: @sha_sham and join her emailing list at Edasjewels@yahoo.com