ILS Radar: Trinidad Jame$

by on October 30, 2012

Who is Trinidad Jame$? A cheetah print lover, a Trinidad¬†& Tobago representer, and a fashion junkie. Unknown to the masses but celebrated by many. Could he be this year’s Lil B? Or is he, his very own entity and not the second coming of someone else. I would have to say that Trinidad shouldn’t be compared to anyone because at the point in the music world right now, there isn’t anyone with such a flamboyant aura such as Trinidad‘s.

Trinidad is what happens when you express yourself freely through music and fashion while popping a molly. His style comprises of a lot of gold items (seen here), vibrant colors, cheetah print pieces and last but not least always some eye-popping footwear. During his last trip to NYC, he managed to visit many places such as the 10.Deep offices, Supreme store and even got a photoshoot done for Joyrich.

This is just the beginning for Trinidad as I see many brands who will probably be reaching out to him to use him as the main figure in their photoshoots because of his budding popularity and abnormal style. He’s a rather humble and very down to earth guy, with an alluring personality. Make sure to keep Trinidad on your radar as big things will probably be coming his way in the near future.