Halloween’s Best

by on November 1, 2012

Every year we anticipate to so see what some of our favorite celebs have in store for the Halloween season. My last post featured some costumes from celebs who dressed up prior to the night of horror! Now, HERE IT IS  MY  TOP BEST  HALLOWEEN LOOKS that were creative and sure to turn a couple of heads last night.

Indeed it was  a scary sight here in New York City during the night of Halloween, Frankenstorm has left places destroyed, stopped subway transit, and caused Manhattan to black out for the past week. Unfortunately, because of this  there was no Halloween Parade this year. However, those not on the North East Coast have got to bask in the festivities of the night.  After  surfing the web to see who wore what for halloween I’d like to share my favorites with ILS, so here they are:

Rihanna and Evelyn Lozada with her daughter Shaniece
[Mary Jane, Black Cat, and Ariel from”The Little Mermaid”]

Kim K as mermaid from “Splash”

Chris Brown at it again with his crew dressed as Terrorists

Rihanna as a Ganja Bride? Mary Jane

Nicole Ritchie as a glamourous Girl Scout

KIMYE with Kortney Kardashian and Scott Disick
[The Batman Family:  Cat Woman, Batman, Batgirl, and Robin]

Katy Perry as Jane from MTV’s Daria. I used to love that show!

Lala “The Cat” Anthony