Molami Headphones

by on November 1, 2012

Enter the new era of fashionable headphones, fitted with silver, gold, and a touch of stingray. Take a look at Swedish brand Molami & their truly amazing line of listening devices after the jump.

I usually stick with the in-ear headphones because I think the big outer-ear ones look too bulky on me, but after seeing the selection that Molami has to offer, I might just have a change of heart. Molami describes themselves as making headphones with superior sound quality and fashion forward design – I couldn’t agree more.

The ‘Bight’ is the brand’s in-ear headphone, available in napa black and napa white leather, as well as black stingray with silver accents, with a knotted exterior.

Molami’s ‘Bight’ Headphone, $150. In Black Stingray, $200.

The ‘Twine’ headphone is made out of silk satin and chiffon, and wears like a headband. Two adjustable speakers are inside the headphone; they can be moved around the band for your own customization. Seen below, ‘Twine’ comes in black/gold, black/silver, and white/gold.

Molami ‘Twine’ Headphone, $200.

Lastly, the ‘Pleat’ is an outer-ear headphone shaped to compliment the wearer’s bone structure, and is available in black/gold and white/gold. I love the simplicity of the design, as well as how loosely the cords and hardware hang.

Molami’s ‘Pleat’ Headphone, $300.

Check out this short video by Molami to get an even better idea of their creativity:

What do you think of Molami and their headphones? Let me know in the comments section.