1 on 1 with Melanie Swaffar

by on November 3, 2012

After probably the biggest event of her life thus far, Melanie decides to sit down with us so we can get an idea on a few things. I hope you enjoy the interview. Here what she has to say. 

1) How have things been after the release of G386 at the Kamvkazi event?

Well, it has only been a short time since Kamvkazi. Kamvkazi has opened a lot of doors and allowed me to encounter what could go wrong and what will go wrong. All in all, it was an experience I do not regret. – Melanie

I had fun at your event but I’m glad that you’re learning lessons from it. – LEGEND-daily

2) Do you think that the event was a success for you and your peers?

Yes, overall the event was a success. It drew a great crowd and was an amazing networking opportunity for everyone that attended and participated. Everyone was supportive and appreciated of the art that surrounded them. There was a great environment and we look forward to the upcoming Kamvkazi which will be scheduled for March. – Melanie

There was most definitely a lot of love at your event. – LEGEND-daily

3) What’s your plans now?

I have many plans now. Right now, I am working on creating the fall collection for G386. The next collection will be unisex and avant garde. Also, I am working on my portfolio for styling. – Melanie

I’m excited to see what’s coming next from G386. – LEGEND-daily
4) What has been the reception of the line?

Many people found the line refreshing especially, with my choice of fabrics. The stylists that came were impressed that I used PVC and embossed leather. The overall concept was accepted well. I was satisfied with the response. – Melanie

I’m glad to hear most people feel the same way about it as I do. – LEGEND-daily
5) What can we expect from you in the future? Any new ventures?

I am currently working on styling more and, working on furthering the awareness of G386. I look forward to the next collection especially because, I know all that could go wrong with a release and I will be able to do it the right way. – Melanie

Should we let them know what’s coming next? Naaaaaaah haha. – LEGEND-daily.


You should pay attention to what’s in store from Melanie, as we have a few surprises for you all coming in the near future.