Brand Spotlight: Rake

by on November 3, 2012

Rake has crash landed into iLikeSwag’s lap thanks to British luxury online retailer, Then and Now. Check out the impressive menswear line after the jump.

Rake was founded by fashion icon Clive Darby, created with the fabulous flair of the early ’70s in mind. Made of extra fine materials, the brand doesn’t skimp on quality or design. I can definitely see Lord Disick (a.k.a Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s dapper baby daddy) sporting a few of these looks, can’t you?

As you can see, the brand keeps both lifestyles of the classy man in mind – his business side, and his more casual side. The “Mainline” is characterized by it’s flexible luxury, while the “Lounge” line is overtly sophisticated, suitable for evening wear. Every piece is buildable, interchangeable, and made in a classic style that ensures their longevity (saving you money in the long run).

I love the attention to detail of the suiting line, the simplicity, as well as the sophistication of the more everyday, comfortable pieces. Rake’s longer overcoats are definitely a favorite menswear item of mine that I don’t see enough of these days. Each garment features the brand’s signature halo-design, sometimes tucked away in the lining, or more overtly placed.

Rake is definitely a go-to brand for very chic, sophisticated outfits. Be sure to shop Rake over at Then and Now.

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