Three Websites You Need To Bookmark

by on November 6, 2012

I have handpicked three websites that would be great additions to your list of websites that you visit whenever you feel like doing some online shopping. The selection of the websites are multi-dimensional as they adhere to many different types of fashion. We hope you love your recommendations. 

1)Davinci NYC – This website is the home to many great accessories from chains, to even home decor, Davinci is one versatile designer. Every season he seems to release multiple refreshing designs whether it’s apparel or accessories. His image has evolved significantly over the past couple years as he is no longer entirely known for his signature skull bracelets. He has surely set the foundation for his brand and campaign to be a powerhouse in the near future. Make sure to head over to the website to explore just exactly what he has. Website here.

2) Kid Super – Coming off of a very impressive store opening ceremony/party, Kid Super seems primed for a very successful fourth quarter in 2012. A brand that is centered around the dreams of a young kid who believes he can conquer the world no matter what, Kid Super’s arsenal consists of unorthodox designs and vivid patterns/colors. Kid Super has hats, outerwear, tops, t-shirts and should be adding to its list of categories in the future with upcoming releases. The brand is surely capable of becoming one of the mainstay brands in New York and if you live in the city or will be visiting soon make sure to head over to the store located at 354 Broadway Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. Make sure to read the bio on the website also. Website here.

3) Then And Now - This is where you need to go when you are fishing for luxury pieces that can be found online. Then And Now is a collection of brands that produce splendid and quality items. You can find anything from Ralph Lauren to Paul Smith to even new brands such as Rake. Although they might be an overseas store, that shouldn’t stop you from shopping with them and they have speedy delivery methods. Then And Now will be seen frequently on ILS, as we have fell in love with everything that they have to offer and we’re just hoping that you do the same too. Website here.