The Tie Dye T-Shirts by Kid Super

by on November 7, 2012

Kid Super‘s line is finally upon us and it is nothing short of amazing. With so much hype around his brand especially after the grand opening of the store, Kid Super has been gearing up for a very solid release of his new gear. The line comprises of hats and apparel but today we focus on the collection of four tie dye t-shirts that he has designed for the public. Three of the t-shirts have the same formula as the entire shirts are given the tie dye treatment while being assisted by a graphic in the middle of the shirts. All these graphics hold significance such as the grand opening of the store or staring into space which happens to be one of the origins of Kid Super’s creativity. The remaining t-shirt has a white base color while having a graphic covered in tie dye in the middle of the shirt. Each shirt is hand died at the Kid Super store itself which basically gives everyone a different shirt as the tie dye designs deviates. All shirts are priced at $25, making for a great bang for your buck. I suggest you head over to the online store and get your hands on some of these t-shirts before your size is long gone.