Then and Now: Picks for the Ladies

by on November 7, 2012

If you haven’t already become acquainted with Then and Now – one of the best sources for luxury fashion – let this post serve as your official foray into lusting over the site. Take a look at some of my favorite items available at Then and Now after the jump.

Chock full of designers you’ve heard of and some you haven’t, Then and Now is definitely a heavy-hitter in the online luxury fashion retailer department. Then and Now is based in London but also caters to the United States and the entire European continent – so no matter what you’re paying with (pound, dollar, or Euro), you’re sure to get the best of the best. The company is privy to exclusive designs from many brands as well as pretty killer sales – ensuring you one-of-a-kind pieces in an accessible shopping forum.

Here are a few of my favorites on the site at the moment – clearly, I’m in the mood for heels, gold, earth tones and leather.

A few favorites: J Brand Leather Jeans, Kat Maconie ‘Velma’ Ankle Boots, Maria Francesca Pepe Light Gold Tubular Bracelet, Missoni Scarf, Stella McCartney tote & bag, Michael Kors Block Heeled Sandal, and Alaia Leather Platform Sandals.

These are just a few of the beauties awaiting you at Then and Now – trust me, there’s a lot more. I’m obsessed with all of these, but definitely take a look at the Maria Francesca Pepe bracelet, Kat Maconie ‘Velma’ Ankle Boots (!!), and those to-die for Alaia Leather Platform Sandals, which are a little too sexy for me to handle (jk I need them now).

Also, you should know that Then and Now stocks some of the trendiest pieces from previous seasons…stop by the site and maybe you’ll find what you’ve been trying to hunt down all year!

What do you think of my picks for the ladies? Let me know in the comments section.