Tom Ford Marko Sunglasses

by on November 7, 2012

You’re probably wondering just why is Daniel Craig seen above as the featured image, and there are many reasons for this but a couple of them which are that he’s one rather slick and sophisticated man and also because he’s wearing the new Tom Ford Marko sunglasses in the new James Bond movie. Looking at the image of Daniel Craig, it seems as if the sunglasses were designed specifically for him because they prove to be a masterful accessory to a man of his caliber and stature. The sunglasses happen to be an excellent selection because of its attractiveness and the level of class that it provides to the wearer. They come in ¬†four different colors/shades and you can see them right below this description. If interested you can purchase here. The sunglasses are surely a solid investment and would prove to be a magnificent gift for someone this Christmas, let me know your thoughts. Make sure to check out Eye Goodies’ extensive eyewear collection also.