Reebok Presents “Time Lapse” featuring Swizz Beatz

by on November 13, 2012

It seems that Swizz Beatz happened to be the perfect man for the job when he was first recruited by Reebok. Ever since his arrival, he has done nothing but create new refreshing ways to make the brand relevant again. This video is nothing different as it is probably one of the best visuals that I may have seen in the past year. We see Swizz located in Times Square in somewhat of a time-machine as Reebok takes us through the years of fashion and more importantly the contributions of Reebok to the fashion world, in addition to showcasing some of their most recognizable products ever. The visual is nothing short of remarkable, and I’m truly impressed and in awe by what they have been able to accomplish over at Reebok. With such a creative genius when it comes to marketing and new innovations, I see Reebok becoming more and more prominent especially because of the celebrity of Swizz Beatz and his work ethic that has been on full display for such a long time now. What do you think?