PRIVÉ 2012 Fall/Winter ‘Holy Water’ Lookbook

by on November 16, 2012

This is PRIVÉ‘s first ever post on ILS and I must say that I am honored to be hosting such a brand that takes so much pride in perfecting their brand and providing the public with such finesse and poise to create an immaculate brand. The founders, Ryan Taylor and Ross Stienberg  have created a luxury brand that not only stands out but also provides a timeless essence to the pieces. You can see from the designs just how much hard work, dedication and precision that is put into the items and it’s amazing that they are able to create such elegant pieces. The leather, textiles, and threads that are used in the merchandise are the most integral ingredients to the finished products. The kind folks over  at PRIVÉ are masterful beings at their craft and we will be waiting on their next collection but until then we want you to enjoy everything that they have to offer and to explore the world of PRIVÉ. This collection features two tees, a bomber jacket and a hoody. Appreciate PRIVÉ.