Bad Apple Camo Flags by Davinci NYC

by on November 19, 2012

Practice? We talking about practice?! These are the words from the ever-so misinterpreted Allen Iverson who believed practice wasn’t as significant as an actual game of basketball, but how can you be ready for a game if you’re not prepared. The reason why this was mentioned because Davinci doesn’t follow this philosophy. How do I know so? Well just look at his work ethic, he has been continuously releasing new pieces while also preparing new collections. Davinci has set the tone for his brand and also shown to people that he isn’t stopping anytime soon. This time around we get a sneak peek of the next possible release from his innovative brand. The preview is of a camo flag with the graphic of the Bad Apple featured in the center of the flag. It will be something that can be hung up in your room and would be very useful during a camping trip. Stay tuned with the website for updates on when it will be released.