Liberated China x TMNK Sandy Relief Collaboration

by on November 21, 2012

All we know, Hurricane Sandy really did some damage to New York and many other places. Since then people all across the world have been stepping up to help out in whatever way they can. It’s during times like this that you truly see what the human race is made of, and thus far we have responded well. NYC’s very own Liberated China has teamed up with the famous street artist TMNK to release a shirt. All proceeds of the shirt will go directly to the relief effort for Sandy. The shirt features TMNK’s signature crown which at the head of a panda whose good eye happens to be crossed out. Remember this is towards a great cause so you shouldn’t be really shy to come out your pockets. We must be mindful that some people are still suffering from Sandy and we should try to help them out somehow. Purchase the shirt here.