Clayborne Bujorian’s Artistic Directions

by on November 26, 2012

Recently, I stumbled upon Clayborne Bujorian. After scrolling through the archives of his website, I came to the conclusion that his craft is stimulating, rousing, animating, energizing. Though I could praise his aesthetic for days, I’m going to allow his imagery to speak for itself. To me, his artwork is when Hip-Hop and fashion adopt a child who resembles Salvador Dali. The method he uses when altering images of specific individuals and celebrities is one I have never seen before. Clayborne transforms the dimensions of photographs. He transforms the dimensions of photographs in such a manner you strongly believe you’ve been placed into a new environment, while you’re sitting at home, patiently waiting for a Tumblr link via Twitter. I am truly amazed due to the fact I have never seen such intricacy in one’s aesthetic, which grasped my attention. Last, but not least, while viewing each photograph, know they were not a result of Adobe Photoshop.

If intrigued, view more of Mr.Bujorian’s aesthetic at ClayborneBujorian.com.

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1.) Ian Connor | “No Single Thing” Entirely Shot By Snapps NY

2.) Allen Onyia of Upscale Hype | “Inequalities”

3.) Balmain | “Empty Pockets”

4.) Travi$ Scott | “What on Earth?” Entirely Shot By Snapps NY

5.) 2Pac | “Suspended In Paradise”

And last but not least, my personal favorite. ” Magnificent”