Stylish Looks by Brendan Brown

by on November 26, 2012

Just as you saw with Melanie, Brendan is her partner in crime and also ILS’s new stylist addition. Why exactly is Brendan Brown affiliated with ILS ? Well for one we believe that he has the very same ambitions as we do when it comes to fashion and the ILS website and also we believe him and his fashion prowess are both excellent representations of ILS’s mission and us as a whole. His concept behind styling is luxury workwear; you may get your hands dirty but at least your outfit is clean. I hope that double entendre didn’t go upside your head, but I digress as Brendan Brown is attempting to make his stamp as a stylist, one outfit at a time and ILS will be the home to all of his looks. We hope you enjoy his work, and any suggestions can be voiced in the comments’ section at the bottom of the page.

First Look:

Model: Olu Alege

Scarf: Club Monaco used as head tie

Jacket: Levi’s Vintage ‘Blanket Lined Sack Coat’ $395.00

Shirt: One Nine Zero Six ‘Work Shirt’ $229.00

Pants: Rag & Bone RB8 Trouser Jean – Indigo Wash

Shoes: Arpenteur ‘Saddle Work Shoe’ $239.00


Model: Edgar Garrido

Shirt: Rag & Bone Dipe Dye Trail Shirt

Pants: Arpenteur ‘Motorcycle Trousers’ $115.00

Scarf: Zara

Shoes: Paraboot ‘Chambord Sport’ $298.00

Gloves: Club Monaco

Second Look :

Model: Edgar Garrido

Jacket: Vintage Jacket (owned by Edgar)

Sweater: Levi’s Vintage ‘Chunky Rollneck Sweater’ $275.00

Coveralls: Vintage Find $120.00

Shoes: Paraboot ‘Chambord Sport’ $298.00


Model: Olu Alege

Shirt: Levi’s Vintage ‘1950’s Shorthorn Shirt’ $225.00

Overalls: Lee Overalls: Vintage Find $75.00

Shoes: Arpenteur ‘Saddle Work Shoe’ $239.00

Bag: Aftican Leather Bag (owned by Olu)