The Grizzly Tee by Haer Brain Schemes

by on November 27, 2012

Today we turn our eyes to a new brand, Haer Brain Schemes. Of course every brand deserves an introduction but for now, let this be a teaser to what you can expect from the good folks over at HBS. I compare this brand to a D-League player absolutely tearing it up down there but is now primed to make a splash in the NBA. I say this because this is a local brand who has all the right essentials to make a stamp in the fashion world. In my eyes given a bigger spotlight and more awareness to his brand, he can accomplish just that. Everyone needs a chance to shine before they are shut down and that’s all we are trying to provide for HBS. For now, enjoy one of my favorite t-shirts by them. The Grizzly Tee ( which can also be found in black) features a mirror image graphic of a grizzly bear with the Haer Brain Triangle engulfing it. The colors featured in both shirts were masterfully picked as the combinations seem so right at home. Head over to the website to get yourself one especially being that it’s on sale at the moment.http://www.haerbrainschemes.com