GAIUS NASA’s Youth Cap

by on November 28, 2012

I haven’t seen a cap or even a hat in a while that has caught my attention but I must applaud GAIUS NASA for their creation. The design of the cat is just beautiful as we see a neon red embroidery featuring in the center of the cap while assisted by a brim that looks like it was made into one with an electric eel. Shockingly, the result of these two intricate components is an unforgettable piece. ” YOUTH” is always engraved on the back of the hat, adding more emphasis to very lively concept of the hat. One thing that may go under-appreciated by some is the snap of the cap which is made from a durable water resistant rubber and also looks like a watchband. The creative genius on this hat is almost surreal. Head over the online store and get you one now.

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