The Double Hawkface by Katie Eary

by on November 29, 2012

It’s designers like her that I absolutely cherish and live for in fashion. Her aesthetic which features enormous images of very dominant animals are downright amazing. After seeing just one piece from her collection, I had to put her in my top 5 dead or alive all-time designers. It’s a travesty that it took me so long to discover but some surprises are surely pleasant. Seen above is Katie Eary’s Double Hawkface tee that was magnificently crafted. The tee features a mirror image of a very intimidating hawk whose placement’s on the tee was rather masterful to say the least. I hope you appreciate this fashion just as much as I do. Head over to the online store to explore the world of Katie Eary.

You can expect many updates from Katie Eary and her upcoming collections.

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