Top 5 Designers/Brands You Should Know

by on December 2, 2012

Keeping a top 5 rotation of brands that are versatile and loaded with talent, we have what might just be today’s Dream Team. With everything from leather-engineered clothing, accessories, snapbacks and street wear, these five designers may not work together, but they would surely combine for a potent group. At the moment, this is my Fab Five of designers. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

La Maison St Juste – With leather being so dominant and popular in brands nowadays, I have noticed that there aren’t too many brands that have perfected, or are on their way to mastering, this aesthetic; however, I must say it seems as if La Maison St Juste was destined to undertake this rather formidable fashion hurdle. Like anything in life, in order for you to do it right, or to be exceptional at it, one must train. And in this sense, La Maison St Juste certainly spends countless hours coming up with ways to improve the brand and to solidify the strengths of it. Unlike many who have tried and failed miserably, the folks at LMSJ make leather look good. They could turn you into a smooth operator. La Maison St Juste

Gaius Nasa – The dynamic duo of Michelle Roh and Gaius Cruz can be compared to the young superstars of the OKC Thunder(KD and RWess). The two founders and designers of Gaius Nasa have created a very beautiful unity in the brand. When you combine a male and a female, it can sometimes be very conflicted; however, their chemistry is nothing short of amazing. It’s astonishing to see what they have accomplished in such a short time. This may just only be a preview of what is to come from them. The luxury pieces made by the brand are all of class, high fashion, and sophistication. It’s not hard to appreciate a brand of this nature, especially when they exude such incredible character. Gauis Nasa

Davinci NYC – If you’re a person infatuated by accessories, then look no further. Davinci has been in the game for a few years now and his progress and development is comparable to a snowball heading down a mountain; it continues to pick up momentum. Although the brand specializes in accessories, it is highly influenced by things they often admire. 2013 shall be pivotal for Davinci NYC, as I’m sure he will be introducing many new things that people may not expect. Yet, you will surely fall in love with it, given the success of his brand. Might the future include apparel? Rings?… Perhaps, but the mysterious Davinci is the only one who has these answers. Davinci NYC

Kid Super – Kid Super is one of most creative brands I have seen in a while and it only makes sense that the founder and head designer, Colm, puts his childhood energy and youth into the brand. You can experience it in the lively and innovative pieces in Kid Super. Colm is someone who takes pride in the making of his pieces, making each one by himself. It really shows the level of his work ethic. A grind like this can only result in good fortune. Opening up his very own store and commanding an up-and-coming brand in NYC, Kid Super/ Colm is surely making progress in  a short time. Check it out! Kid Super

Thousandairez – A brand that is a very delicate mixture of street, urban, and high fashion; however, with such a combination, they still manage to provide a very gritty yet stylish feel. Fresh off a very successful summer for the brand, they are gearing up for the new year to drop the new collection. The collection will be highly anticipated and sought out when it’s made available to the public. Over the last few months, they have shown their range in fashion and it will be intriguing to see what they have worked on in the lab. Until then, just be ready, save your money, and remember– you’re a Thousandaire before you become a Millionaire. Thousandairez

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