The Machine T-Shirt By Gaius Nasa

by on December 3, 2012

Continuing with our spotlight on Gaius Nasa, we have a rather fantastic recommendation for you today. The Machine t-shirt happens to be part of their Spring/Summer 2013 Collection and also one of their major pieces. The print on the t-shirt is synonymous to a melting pot as it consists of a collection of photography which was taken by Gaius himself while being assisted by their very own staple flower. One thing about this t-shirt that really impresses to me and just shows how much they cater to their customers, is the option of having the t-shirt custom fitted. This option is actually an option for the majority of their pieces and in my opinion, it’s one of their strongpoints and will surely attract more customers to their brand. I’m amazed by the precise imagery that is seen on the t-shirt and I’m sure you guys will love it as well. Head over to the online store to get your very own right now.

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