Artist Spotlight: RETNA

by on December 4, 2012

You’ve probably seen his work before, but do you know his name, let alone his story? Take a closer look at the inner workings of graffiti artist RETNA’s mind.

RETNA’s work on the Bowery Graffiti Wall earlier this year.

You may remember seeing this artwork (shown above) on the Bowery Graffiti Wall earlier in 2012 by RETNA (a.k.a Marquis Lewis), who’s more than a graffiti artist from L.A. His style goes beyond the typical tagging that you see on freeway signs and in abandoned lots – it’s been compared to the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt, the Incas, the art of the East and Brazilian pixação.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at RETNA and learn about his inspiring story in this video shot for MOCATv’s “Art in the Streets” special earlier in November:

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