RSVP x MMG x Rockie Fresh

by on December 4, 2012

How is it that this t-shirt isn’t sold out yet? Is it because it in a different direction from the routine RSVP treatment or is it because not too many people may have knowledge of the release or of Rockie Fresh. I doubt these allegations are true I just think people are more engulfed with the hyped pieces by RSVP to enjoy a masterpiece such as this. This creation is downright momentous as it features the RSVP logo on the front of the shirt while adding the MMG logo on the back of it. Both graphics are gifted with the color-way of Rockie Fresh’s Electric Highway Tour Poster. In my eyes it looks beautiful as the black is a perfect base for such a combination of vibrant and vivid colors. Purchase here and take a ride on the Electric Highway.

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