Three Brands Who Are Ready For 2013

by on December 6, 2012

2012 has been more than great for many folks this year, and it just makes you wonder what 2013 can do for you. What’s been on my mind is the upcoming collections of a few brands that we support and have worked with before. Why the anticipation for these brands? Well that can be attained to many various reasons but one thing for sure it’s because of what they did in 2012, to pave the way for their collections that will be released in 2013. Enjoy.

Red Penguin – After dropping off three collections at the beginning of the Fall, Red Penguin surely did quench our thirst but also left out wondering exactly is going to come from them next. Will we be getting blessed with another plethora of apparel to choose from or will we be seeing more of a limited collection in the next couple of months? In my opinion, I believe in the good folks over at RP and I’m sure what is to come from them, will surely be something well worth the wait. The Black Collection was one of our favorite collections of the year and I would love to see them bring that back with modifications. I wouldn’t be surprised if they release some rather unorthodox pieces and even items that are out of the norm for the RP family. No matter what I’m more than ecstatic for what is coming in 2013 from Red Penguin and you can be sure that we will have the drop on any of their releases before anyone else so stay tuned. Ever since getting familiar with their camp, I have truly developed a genuine appreciation for their grind and just what they bring to the table from their characters to their merchandise. With that being said, make sure to head over to the Red Penguin online store right now.

Common Connect – One of NYC’s rising streetwear brands has been picking up steam as of late and it comes at a great time. With 2012 about to close out, Common Connect seems primed to go out with a bang. After a recent re-up of some of their most memorable pieces, we have been promised one of the greatest zipper t-shirts in their next drop. Now this is a rather bold statement to make because of the negative effect it can have if the t-shirt doesn’t live up to the hype but I’m sure CC will pull this one off for sure. Simplicity has gotten CC to where it is now, let’s just see if they stick to that mold.

JVP Melbourne – It would be easy to call them the Givenchy of Australia but then again that would take away from both brands’ identity and more specifically negatively affect JVP’s budding stature in my eyes. As a brand, you don’t want to be compared to anyone because your brand is its very own entity. 2013 at this point looks to be rather promising for this brand because of what they were able to accomplish this year thus far. Why do I say this? Well just go take a look at their online store and you’ll notice that every piece is just about sold out. Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don’t … Right? I digress though as JVP Melbourne is a brand that prides themselves on creating pieces with intricate designs that not only amaze the mind but also stimulates it. With a reasonable price to accompany such breathtaking designs, it just makes it so much easier for you to fall in love with the brand. I’ll let you explore the online store so you can get familiar, enjoy. Be ready for what they will give to us in 2013.

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