The Avel Delano Long Sleeve by Gaius Nasa

by on December 10, 2012

After recently trying on this product, I was blown away by the fit and the comfort level provided by the long sleeve. Made from some of the softest cotton ever, you barely even feel the shirt on your body and when you happen to, the material is so gentle that you just starting floating in the clouds … Alright let’s get back on track. The Avel Delano long sleeve by Gaius Nasa not only has a premium comfort edge to it but it also features a very intricate design as well. Seen in the model of the shirt is a mirror image of singer, Avel Delano which is surrounded by a print which was stimulated(no pun) by the natural hallucinogen, Iowaska. This would be an ideal product to pair with their Dark Weightless Trousers which are easy on the eyes but also very, very flexible. As you can tell by now, Gaius Nasa makes it their responsibility that you are comfortable in their clothes. Check out the online store now.