Pyrex Vision ” Youth Always Wins” Collection

by on December 13, 2012

After such a long wait, we have finally get to see Pyrex Vision in its entirety. I must say I am impressed by the simple but the well delivered pieces that have came out of Virgil Abloh’s camp. The name “Pyrex” itself still shocks me but in a rather positive way and it is rather entertaining and always worth the wait to see what Virgil has combined to create such refined and unique pieces. We spotlight the Pyrex Religion tee which features a graphic of ” The Embodiment of Christ” done by Caravaggio and the number graphic of 23 and Pyrex on the back end. This is only one piece of the many that they have released but I must say that a few of them have sold out already. I advise that you rush over now to grab whatever you like before it’s too late. Pyrex Vision