One On One: With Clayborne Bujorian.

by on December 14, 2012

So finally we get a Q&A done with Young Clay himself. The artistic innovator has talent that I have never seen before and with this comes an unimaginable amount of potential that Clay is working hard to live up to. For someone his age, Clayborne has already been acknowledged by a substantial amount of people who happen to have great power in their lanes. Clayborne is someone who never fails to astonish me and I just want to witness his development during this crucial upcoming year.

1) Who is Clayborne Bujorian?

” Clayborne Bujorian is Clayborne Bujorian” – Wikipedia 

2) Why is it that your identity itself is somewhat of a mystery?

“My identity is partially a mystery to the public due to predators, identity-thefts, and self-satisfaction” – Clayborne 

3) I like that though and I think people will appreciate you more because of this.  When did you realize you had something special and began to experiment with these talents?

I began experimenting with various techniques towards the end of August, this year. At first, mirrored-images caught my eye. Mirrored-images grasped my attention because I had not encountered an image quite like mine. Inspiration was gained after stumbling upon David Sabastian, and watching Dominic Lord’s standout visual, directed by Aram Bedrossian, Pierce. Due to an over-saturation of mirrored-images seen throughout media, I devised a plan to alter my aesthetic. – Clay

4) It’s great that you went through a process to truly mold your craft. When did you know that what you were doing, was pretty unique?

Shortly after God began sending unimaginable people into my life, to acknowledge my creations, I understood the artwork I was constructing had an effect on people, and was truly out-of-the-ordinary. – Clay

5) Everything is God’s will. We will succeed. What has been your favorite three pieces that you have done thus far?

Unfortunately, I am unavailable to answer this specific question because I am unable to choose three pieces which I can title “My Favorite Three Pieces”. Though I am unavailable to choose my three favorite pieces, I can inform you each piece acquires significance and meaning which is sometimes forgotten after 3-5 days of publishing, sadly. – Clay

6)That’s intriguing to know. If you had to say a few things about 2012, what would it be?

The Youth will remain winning. – Clay

Be sure to check ILS frequently to keep up with Claybourne’s endeavors!